Through the medium of Skateboarding, The Pigeon Plan e.V. provides workshops concerning art and expression for disadvantaged youth. In Bremen and Kiel local Skateboarders do Skateboard lessons for refugee children on a continuous basis. Different events (Kieler Woche, Vielfalt tut gut – Kieler Jugend für Toleranz und Demokratie) seek to share the cultural elements encompassing Skateboarding on the local and national level. The most recent participation in the cross - border project JUMP, where four different production schools from Denmark and Germany accompanied by scholars from the University of Flensburg and Roskilde exchange experiences and work on future ideals to live in the region, is a great example on how intercultural exchange beyond borders works. The subculture Skateboarding offers various opportunities to empower young people with diverse needs coming from different cultural backgrounds.


Louis Taubert (1. Vorsitzender)
Johannes Meyer-Bohe (2. Vorsitzender)
Bettina Müller (Schatzmeisterin)
Johan Meister
Sven Gindorf
Jessy van Steenkiste
Sören Sewtz


Laura Duday
Kerem Elver
Lucas Fiederling
Gesa Penthin
Svea Bischoff
Chris Berge
Fabian Schwarze
Jens Hennefarth
Felix Neth

Dewald Bruwer
Jansen Van Staden
Joubert Van Staden
Thys Lötter
John Second